Valid as of 1st April 2021


1 GENERAL OBLIGATIONS – The exhibitor, mission delegate or visitor shall comply with all laws, regulations
and guidelines of any competent authority. This obligation also extends to all reasonable instructions issued by
official representatives of Medilink. The company and or its representatives are solely responsible for the
arrangement of travel, visas and accommodation unless clearly stated otherwise as part of their agreement with
All exhibitors at exhibitions and delegates on trade missions indemnify Medilink against all claims, actions, demands
or liability whatsoever or however arising in connection with the supply of any services hereunder.
Where possible Medilink will appoint travel and freight agents in the interest of reducing exhibitor costs. Exhibitors
and delegates are free to make use of these services but do so at their own risk. All transactions between exhibitors
and any appointed agents will be direct and Medilink cannot and does not accept any liability whatsoever for any
claim or dispute between exhibitors and the agents. Medilink would of course try to resolve any dispute that may
2 BOOKING TERMS – Bookings are only valid upon receipt of a completed application form with the relevant
deposit payment. Places on any Medilink overseas initiative will be allocated in strict order of receipt of the
completed application form with deposit paid. This includes company preferences such as corner position and
specific locations at exhibitions. When international activities are oversubscribed, places will be allocated following
the receipt of a booking deposit.
Upon signing the application form, the participating company agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Medilink
against all costs, charges and expenses claims and losses of any nature suffered by Medilink and arising directly
from, or attributable to, any act or omission of the company, its employees or agents including any claim in respect
of any accident, injury, loss or damage arising out of, or in any way connected with, any display of goods at the event.
The company must acquaint themselves and comply with the conditions laid down by the exhibition organiser for any
event and with any other relevant national, regional or local technical, legal, safety or other requirements and
regulations. Medilink will not be responsible for any claim arising from exhibitor’s failure to comply with such
requirements. This includes but is not limited to any conditions imposed by the event organiser relating to the
postponement, venue change, date change or cancellation of the event. Event and exhibition organizer terms and
conditions are often freely available on the company’s website or available from Medilink on request.
3 EXHIBITION STAND COSTS – The cost of the space and construction package is set out in the initial
application form. Costs have been calculated at an exchange rate current at the time of the creation of the exhibition
package. Medilink reserves the right to surcharge participating companies for any exchange rate fluctuations
greater than 2%, see liabilities statement below.
4 MANAGEMENT FEE – A non-refundable management fee is charged to cover the organisation of the initiative
including recruitment, booking space, appointment of contractors & travel agent, liaising with overseas networks,
processing relevant grant applications, as well as the completion of any necessary documentation and other tasks
associated with the coordination of the initiative.
5 PAYMENT – All balances owed to Medilink must be cleared no later than 4 weeks prior to the event start date.
Medilink reserves the right to cancel any service provision not paid for 4 weeks prior to the event start date.
Payments should be made either by BACS or credit card payment (charges incurred by Medilink will be payable by
the client). Unless otherwise stated on the signed booking form the standard Medilink payment process is: 50%
required to secure booking with 50% invoiced on 30 day payment terms no less than two months prior to the start of
activity. It is possible at certain events to as an exhibitor or delegate order products and/or services that are
charged back to Medilink. In this instance the employer or company being represented by the individual who
initiated the order accepts full liability for all charges, foreign exchange fees, taxes and any other associated
charges. Medilink will recharge the cost of any “in market” orders to the company without any additional charges.
6 TAXATION – Medilink North of England is registered in accordance with all required laws and regulations for
appropriate taxation in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is understood and agreed
between all Parties that any payments made under this agreement and/or related booking form are exclusive of any
value added tax or similar sales tax (“VAT”) unless otherwise stated. Any appropriate or required taxation shall be
added thereon as applicable. Where VAT is properly added to a payment made under this Agreement, the Party
making the payment will pay the amount of VAT only on receipt of a valid tax invoice issued in accordance with the
laws and regulations of the country in which the VAT is chargeable.
• The exhibition stand must be in the name of a UK registered company
• Exhibitors should arrive at least 24 hours before the opening of the event to set up their display. Any on site
requests or alterations must be received no later than 13:00 on the day prior to the opening of the event
• Stands must be staffed at all times by personnel conversant with the company’s products
• Only goods or services of UK origin or to which the company holds territory rights should be displayed
• Many event and exhibition organisers impose a “fine” for stands that are cleared or left empty without prior
authorization (leaving early). If Medilink incurs a fine for any abandoned stands the client accepts liability
for this charge and will be invoiced on immediate payment terms
• Exhibitors will be made aware of the official handover time. Prior to this time neither Medilink nor any of
their partners will accept responsibility or liability for any damage or injury incurred by the client at the
exhibition venue. Following the handover time all major building works will have ceased and the client is
free to occupy their stand.
special stand requirements, but no position or facility can be guaranteed until the group pavilion floor plan is
finalised. Any special requests for alterations to the appearance of the shell scheme design of the pavilion will be
approved or otherwise at the discretion of Medilink. Decisions will be based on the impact such alterations will have
on the overall group and the UK brand.
9 LOCAL REQUIREMENTS – In the case of exhibitions, participants must acquaint themselves with the technical
guidelines, requirements and other regulations relevant to the initiative. Medilink will not be held responsible for
any claim arising out of a failure to comply with the requirements or regulations. All exhibitors and participants are
bound under the terms and conditions imposed by the

event organisers and accepted on their behalf as part of a group booking by Medilink.
• The participating company is liable for any currency fluctuations where there is a shift in the currency rate
greater than 2% at the point when Medilink is required to process payments on behalf of the participants
• No liability shall be attached to Medilink or any member of their staff for expenditure incurred in connection
with the event (other than the booking and of space and stand construction)
• No liability shall be attached to Medilink in respect of any accident, injury, loss or damage of any nature
whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with any display of goods at this event
• No insurance of any kind is affected by Medilink
• Medilink is not liable for any local taxes or charges levied before, during or after the exhibition
• Some equipment could be subject to UK export regulations and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to
ensure that they have the necessary licenses for both the export and import to a market of that equipment
11 WTHDRAWAL – Before Medilink’s expenditure is incurred: Any fees paid to Medilink will be refunded to the
company concerned, less a charge to cover administration which will be at the discretion of Medilink. After
Medilink’s expenditure is incurred: If unable to resell any stand space, flights or accommodation booked by the
client, Medilink reserves the right to recover the full costs at their discretion. In the event of any exhibitor becoming
bankrupt or of a limited company being wound up the Medilink space application shall be binding and all monies
already paid shall be retained by Medilink
12 CANCELLATION OF THE EVENT – Medilink will bear no liability for loss or damage sustained as a result of
circumstances beyond Medilink’s control. If cancellation or postponement of the exhibition is considered necessary
by the organisers, Medilink will be entitled to retain such proportion of sums paid by exhibitors as may be necessary
to cover unavoidable losses and expenses. Medilink reserves its right to cancel its participation at this event should
an insufficient number of companies sign up to exhibit, prior to a reasonable deadline.
13 PACKAGES – Where appropriate Medilink may offer exhibitors a package combining an exhibition stand with
various other services such as but not exclusively: accommodation, travel, freight or transfers. Individual items
from these packages may not be removed, booked or paid for independently. Showcase or any other packages
offered by Medilink are reliant on the provision of goods and services

from third party suppliers, as such Medilink reserves the right to cancel or amend their service

offering in line with the provision being offered at the time by
third party contractors. All other terms and conditions relating to the booking of an exhibition stand are unaffected.
14 EXTERNAL FACTORS – Medilink and their partners will not accept responsibility or liability for occurrences
outside of their control including but not limited to: currency fluctuations, government activity, conflict, virus
outbreaks and natural events which affect the viability of international activity. Where appropriate Medilink will
recommend the products and services of organisations over whom they have no direct control. Medilink offer these
recommendations to improve the service and experience of clients. At no point are Medilink involved or responsible
for the outcome of these interactions.
15 SAFETY AND SECURITY – Companies and individuals booking with Medilink, indemnify Medilink North of
England and all other associated trading names from any all liability relating to the safety and security of individuals,
stock, products and assets. Medilink encourage anyone travelling overseas to consult with a trade professional the
Foreign and Commonwealth travel advice service and specialist insurance broker prior to departure.
15 DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE FUNDING – All exhibitors and trade mission delegates applying
for or benefiting from financial intervention provided by the Department for International Trade (DIT) will comply
with all relevant DIT terms and conditions.
• All relevant eligibility criteria will be provided as part of the funding application process.
• Medilink cannot be held responsible should the official British Group have to be cancelled because of lack of
support or for any other reason. In this event every effort would be made to negotiate for space direct with
the organisers on behalf of those exhibitors who require this. Where an exhibitor has The Department for
International Trade support withdrawn for whatever reason after Medilink is contracted for payment, the
exhibitor will be liable to pay for the full cost of providing the space and stand construction to that exhibitor.
• Exhibitors who fail to turn up at an exhibition will forfeit all grants and be required to pay any further costs
incurred by Medilink in “making good” the empty space.
• Exhibitors understand that eligibility and DIT grants could be withdrawn if the goods or services of any other
supplier or company other than the exhibitors or a name which is different to that shown on their DIT
Application Form is exhibited or promoted.
• Medilink will not be held responsible should The Department for International Trade alter, withhold, or
reduce the grants advertised on the exhibition or trade mission marketing material. The Department for
International Trade shall be under no obligation to pay grants to any company who is, or becomes, indebted
to the Department, or whom the Department considers for any reason to be unsuitable.
• All DIT grants will be paid to exhibitors as soon as practicable. However, grants will not be paid until a The
Department for International Trade on-line questionnaire along with any other required documents have
been completed. Medilink also reserves the right to delay grant payments pending receipt of all invoices
pertaining to this or any other activity. (eg on-site charges.