Anetic Aid: Revolutionising day surgery

Anetic Aid became a member of Medilink back in 1998 – at a time when the British-based medical equipment manufacturer wanted to launch a major export drive for its products. The company is proud to be a world leading UK-based designer and manufacturer of quality hospital and clinical equipment, but it is probably best known for its pioneering work in the field of day surgery. Collaborating with King’s College Hospital in London over 30 years ago, the company developed one of the first day surgery trolleys, helping to establish the concept of ‘same day, same device’ for transport, treatment and recovery.



Today, that product has evolved to become the QA4 Mobile Surgery System – equipment which is both patient transport trolley and operating table in one.The concept is widely accepted, but in the early days, while the UK was increasingly adopting the practice, it was a different story in other countries. In many parts of the world – including much of Europe – medics and patients alike automatically assumed that a procedure such as a hip replacement meant spending at least five days in hospital.


We knew we had a great story to tell about how unnecessary that was, and the many other benefits of ambulatory surgery – but it was a question of how to get the message out there. We also wanted to promote other products like the QA3 Patient Trolley – if we could get models in front of the right people, we knew that they would see the innovative engineering and superb British quality which is our hallmark.


That was where Medilink came in: through its links with government bodies including the Department for International Trade, Anetic Aid embarked on the mission to raise its profile in the wider world. Medilink has assisted Anetic Aid on a number of trade missions to countries as diverse as Brazil and the UAE. The International team at Medilink supported us with grant applications to visit other countries, to showcase at major exhibitions and to promote the Anetic Aid name worldwide. We became regular exhibitors at Medica, the international trade fair held in Düsseldorf in Germany every year, and at Arab Health in Dubai.


Mike Pritchett, Anetic Aid’s Export Manager, said: “There is no doubt that Medilink’s knowledge and support was hugely beneficial in those early days – and that relationship endures today. The laws, regulations and documentation for export are constantly changing – but we know we can always get up-to-the-minute information from the Medilink’s International team, as they are always at the end of the phone.”


Thanks to the profile raising and valuable international trade support from Medilink, in 2015 Anetic Aid was invited to exhibit at a prestigious Anglo-French conference held at the British Embassy in Paris, which brought together government ministers, clinicians, health practitioners and industry specialists to explore some of the most pressing challenges facing the British and French healthcare systems. Entitled ‘From Hospital to Home: Improve Care and Patient’s Journey’, the conference offered a platform to keynote speakers from both sides of The Channel, as well as a showcase for product specialists including Anetic Aid. The event served as a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and issues in day surgery in the UK and other countries, and to showcase how the QA4 Mobile Surgery System can address them.


The QA4 Mobile Surgery System offers wide surgical versatility, not only because of its powered positioning features, but because it can be fitted with a wide range of operating table accessories, making it ideal for procedures as varied as ophthalmics, general surgery, (including laparoscopic procedures such as cholecystectomy – gall bladder removal) and orthopaedics – including hip replacement. The practice also aids infection control, thanks to reduced contacts, transfers, and fewer items of equipment.


There is also added efficiency in terms of theatre downtime between cases – with the QA4 Mobile Surgery System, the need for transfers between trolleys, operating tables, and beds is eliminated.


Anetic Aid employs 63 staff between its design and manufacturing base on the South Coast in Hampshire and its marketing and customer support operation in Baildon, West Yorkshire.