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Tenscare Launches New Perfect Generation of Professional and Home Use Electrotherapy Units at Arab Health

TensCare, Europe’s largest distributor of TENS machines, is open for partnering opportunities and welcomes new distributors when taking its products to the world’s second largest healthcare congress and exhibition at Arab Health in Dubai later this month.

At Arab Health 2016, UK based TensCare Ltd will exhibit its award-winning range of drug-free pain relief TENS and EMS units including its newest electrotherapy range with some exclusive products available for the first time at the exhibition.

The new to market TensCare Perfect range of products offer the latest in Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation widely used for pain relief in long-term treatment of chronic pain conditions such as Diabetic Neuropathy, Back Ache, Sciatica, Osteo Arthritis and the relief of the acute pain of childbirth, as well as provide unrivalled performance in muscle toning to cure bladder weakness and all types of incontinence.

This non-surgical therapy is particularly of interest to continence advisers and women seeking a solution to this problem given recent adverse publicity surrounding the contra indications of TVT surgery to cure incontinence.

Bladder leakage – no matter how light – is not normal and TensCare’s clinically tested products can help with the management and relief of incontinence and can help sufferers return to a normal lifestyle.

TensCare are also confronting a parental taboo subject matter that is more prevalent than parents themselves realise. In Europe Doctors readily prescribe bed wetting alarms for patients five years and older who are wetting the bed at night. There is a massive psychological benefit to the user as they find they are not alone and that there is a non-pharmacological therapy to overcome the problem. Typically parents are reluctant to approach doctors and if they do they are often prescribed tablets which in turn parents are often reluctant to use medication.

TensCare’s Dry Night Trainer offers a proven therapy for breaking the habit of bed wetting. The alarm is triggered when bed is wet and wakes the child up, this in turn associates waking up with the sensation of a full bladder. The alarm is presented in a non-threatening watch style format for the child to wear, it comes with instructions to encourage parents in helping their child overcome bed wetting.

Also at Arab Health, TensCare will be showcasing a new multifunctional unit that combines treatment capabilities of TENS to relieve chronic acute or post-operative pain; EMS to provide a muscular training for localised regeneration and muscular hypertrophy, IFT for relief of chronic intractable pain (inflammation) and Microcurrent to enhance and accelerate wound healing.

Neil Wright, TensCare’s Sales Director having previously lived in the Middle East believes there are opportunities for TesnCare Ltd to partner with distributors in supplying Retail Pharmacies, Hospital Pain Clinics, Physiotherapy practitioners, Continence advisors, TV Shopping channels and for pain management in a number of important areas most notably for relief from Diabetic Neuropathy pain and Maternity pain during child birth.

Lisa Slavova, TensCare’s Export Manager, said: “TensCare’s success is attributed to our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing devices that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our R&D experts work closely with research hospitals and leading local and international universities to ensure that all TensCare electrotherapy and homecare products of medical device quality are developed on the best clinical evidence available and are clinically accepted so as to be made widely available both via prescription and OTC worldwide. An ISO 13485:2012 accreditation demonstrates TensCare commitment to quality manufacturing and business processes to ensure customer safety and product reliability.

“We would welcome hearing from and meeting with interested parties who would like to work with us in duplicating the success we have in Europe in markets across the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and neighbouring territories.”

Arab Health takes place from  25th to 28th January 2016 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, attracting more than 4,000 companies from 163 countries exhibit their latest innovations to more than 130,000 healthcare professionals.

If you would like to meet TensCare at Arab Health 2016, please email Lisa Slavova, Export Sales Manager, at Lisa.Slavova@tenscare.co.uk

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