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Medilink welcomes SleepCogni

Medilink is pleased to welcome our latest member, SleepCogni. Sleep is an often overlooked cornerstone of health and wellness, and the technology being worked on by SleepCogni aims to combat this issue.

Medilink’s role is to help support the competitiveness of organisations like SleepCogni – in turn improving patient care, and we are looking forward to supporting Richard and his team.

The team at SleepCogni are pleased to be accepted as members of Medilink. They area a team of 20 based at the Sheffield Bioincubator. Jason Brannan, PR & Communications Director at Medilink said 'Joining Medilink gives SleepCogni both a national and international platform to help educate the medical devices sector on the effects of sleep behaviour and offer a viable safe option for users of this revolutionary device to self-manage their sleep. The SleepCogni device is to be launched on Kickstarter on 9 November and only 850 device will be sold initially'.

Rich Mills (SleepCogni) with Jason Brannan (Medilink)

Rich Mills (SleepCogni) with Jason Brannan (Medilink)

SleepCogni - the world’s first Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based sleep device winds you down to a sleep ready state using and engaging a bedside system of audio, visual and tactile stimuli that helps the user to relax and switch off. This is the first product to combine these stimuli physiological measures such as heart rate and body activity as a treatment for insomnia. Supported by Sheffield Hallam University the device has been scientifically developed by an expert team to help you ‘wind down’ and drift off to sleep. Clinical studies at the University confirmed that SleepCogni is effective in treating patients with insomnia showing a 50% improvement in sleep quality and 40% improvement in sleep quantity.

Using techniques based on proven CBT, SleepCogni which has been patented combines environmental and personal data into an interactive device incorporating a CBT-based manual trigger that monitors the heart rate, mental alertness, skin temperature and movement. It is a non-invasive, non-intrusive accurate way of taking heart measurements and is as simple to use as pressing a button.

The uniqueness of SleepCogni is that it is personalised to the user; it monitors the body and – unlike any other device on the market – interacts with it, to produce a programme of stimuli tailored specifically to the user’s needs to help them to regulate and to induce sleep. This allows the user to self-manage and induce sleep with a proven method: CBT is classed as the gold standard in inducing sleep without drugs. SleepCogni also works as a training programme, which means it becomes more effective the more it’s used.

1 in 3 people suffer with a sleep issue, the CDC refer to it as a global epidemic Sleeping aids (sleeping pills) are both harmful, addictive and not the long term solution. IMS Health quote that in the US there has been a 27% increase this year in sleeping aids alone, over 60M prescriptions written. This is also reflected in the UK with NHS figures of 17% rise and 15.3M prescriptions issued costing the NHS £49.2M per annum.

“Our objective is to help the world rid itself of sleeping tablets” says Richards Mills, the man behind the development. That has to be revolutionary!

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