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Medilink North of England GDPR Statement


Medilink North of England GDPR statement


Dear Medilink North of England members and wider contacts.

Medilink North of England treats all of our member, and wider data, in line with guidelines set out by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) that covers our use of business data.  We handle very small amounts of personal data, and all of the data we handle has been gathered on the basis of existing relationships.

Where we gather 'personal' data, we will offer clear guidance on:

  • What 'personal' information we collect
    - We collect core contact data and preferences on Medilink related interests,  
       such as services and area of clinical expertise
    - We record data on business interactions with our clients
  • What we do with this 'personal' information, and why we keep it
    - We retain this data on our Client Relationship Management Portal, allowing
    to better support our members and the wider sector
    - We only use this data for Medilink business related matters
  • Your ability to request your 'personal' information
    - You can at any time request your’ personal (non-business) related data
  • Your ability to delete your 'personal' information
    - You can at any time request to have your data deleted
  • Your ability for your 'personal' data to be forgotten
    - You can at any time ask for your identity/data to be ‘forgotten’
       on our systems
  • Your ability to update your 'personal' information
    - While we will occasionally contact you to update your data, you can at any
    time contact us and request your data be updated


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