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Medilink member TissueMed features in Chemistry World

Leeds based Medical technology company TissueMed has recently featured in Chemistry World, a monthly magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

In the article, writer Andy Extance discovers how new medical adhesives are ovetissuepatch2rcoming the difficulties bodily fluids cause conventional polymers and talks extensively about TissueMed’s product TissuePatch.

TissuePatch is an advanced surgical film for sealing air leaks in the lungs and the dural membrane enveloping the brain and spine after neurosurgery, ultimately dissolving within 12 weeks.

TissueMed CEO David Mandley refers to TissuePatch as surgical cling film, stating that “Its top surface is a non-adhesive barrier layer of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA), a widely-used polymer in medical devices. The lower surface is TissueMed’ own TissueBond adhesive, a copolymer of vinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) and acrylic acid (PAA), the latter partly functionalised with N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS).

“PVP and PAA provide initial tack, and then NHS reacts with proteinaceous tissue surfaces to form covalent amide bonds that hold the device in place longer term.”

After TissuePatch is used, water and enzymes in the patient’s body degrade the patch, with PLGA disappearing within 12 weeks. The TissueBond layer lasts longer, but eventually also breaks down.

Interested in reading the full article? Click here.

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