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Healthcare support worker speaks out about the benefits of scalp cooling for cancer patients

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Below is an article about a healthcare supportscalp-cooling-pam-fitzpatrick-sept-2016 worker and her view of scalp cooling.

A healthcare support worker, who supports cancer patients throughout their chemotherapy journeys, has spoken out about the benefits of scalp cooling and what it means to the people who use it.

For the past 13 years, Pam Fitzpatrick has worked at the chemotherapy day area and explained to patients what scalp cooling is (a process that helps people retain their hair during chemotherapy) and how it works.

Before embarking on a nursing career, Pam used to be a hairdresser, which has given her an insight into why people find chemotherapy induced hair loss so traumatic.

Pam said: “Hairdressing has given me that foundation to understand the importance of hair and body image to people, especially when they are undergoing chemotherapy. Being able to retain their hair means their body image is preserved and they can retain some sense of normality.”

Pam explained that although scalp cooling is readily available across the UK, there is an inconsistency in people’s awareness and understanding of it, which is why she decided to share her experience in the run up to UKONS (The UK Oncology Nurses Society - Annual Conference that focuses on 'the changing face of cancer care').

Scalp cooling provides the only real alternative to chemotherapy induced hair loss, resulting in a high level of retention or even complete hair preservation. The cooling cap works by lowering scalp temperature before, during and after the administration of chemotherapy.

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