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Medilink members are being offered an exclusive opportunity to benefit from completely free of charge Professional Photography, as part of an arrangement to shoot photo library images in our member companies

Collaborative Library Photography Projects with Monty Rakusen

Monty is a well-known Corporate and Industrial Photographer who works internationally for major clients. Another side of his activity is Library Photography. Monty specialises in documentary type photographs about Science and Industry/Engineering.

Please click the link below to view a selection of the imagery Monty has produced, together with more of his work: http://www.rakusen.co.uk/Science/1/thumbs

What advantages would this project have for you?

Firstly, you get free pictures - Monty's projects cost upwards of £1,500 per day to produce. You get Monty's style and creativity and amazing images which you can use for your own publicity without restriction.

Where do Monty's projects appear?

Monty's Library Images are presently syndicated by Image Source into Getty Images and many other photo libraries worldwide. We must make it clear to you that these images will not be exclusive to you. Monty would be more than happy, though, in addition to providing you with a set of all the library images, to do some exclusive images if you so wish.

Please note, they will be using your location as a backdrop to the activities of the models / your workers they use and your location will appear anonymously, very much like a film set.

How do you vet the images they take?

All images shot with you must be cleared for safety and suitability by yourselves before being released to the library. All logos and references to your location are removed and any retouching is submitted to you for approval. They cannot use the pictures without a signed Property Release from yourselves before shooting, and a sample of this is available upon request. Similarly, anyone appearing in the pictures must have signed a model release form which they will supply.

The aim of Monty's work is to show the skills and drama that is often ignored in British Industry, and it is a great way of getting first class imagery for no cost!

Please click here to download a pdf e-book which explains exactly what is involved in shooting with Monty.

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity, please e-mail Liz Rakusen liz@rakusen.co.uk

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