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Bioclad lands multi-million-pound contracts

The innovative, Harrogate-based organisation which won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise earlier this year, have stimulated even more success by securing a trio of contracts worth £3m.

BioClad use antimicrobial cladding technology to manufacture hygienic, bacteria-free spaces for health, food and pharmaceutical brands.

The first contract, worth £1.75m, came from Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, who commissioned BioClad to install over £45,000 sqm of wall linings in its staff accommodation villages.

Another deal came from BASF, a global chemical manufacturer, who will market BioClad’s antimicrobial wall cladding to pharmaceutical and leisure clients across the Middle East.

And every Five Guys, American burger restaurant, outlet in France and Spain will be upgraded to hygienic spaces thanks to BioClad.

The hygienic technology specialists are global traders, with markets in Mexico, Canada and India, and they recently opened an Australian subsidiary in Perth.

BioClad founder and director, Lindsay McKenzie, said: “Our reputation as a global leader in revolutionising antimicrobial hygienic spaces in key sectors including healthcare, pharmaceutical and education has reached new heights following our Queen’s Award.

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