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Barnsley wellbeing organisation pioneers daily mile scheme for kids

Award winning Team Activ has designed a new fitness promotion campaign that aims to combat obesity and inactivity among young children through fun and engaging communal activities.Team-Activ-logo.155203

Inspired by the National Trails, the not for profit organisation, has designed Trek Activ: a new lunchtime running, walking or riding programme for schools in Yorkshire designed to encourage children to get out and complete at least a mile a day.

The programme will introduce children to the 15 long distance National Trails, footpaths and byways across the UK.

Each month will focus on a featured trail beginning with the Pennine Way. Each mile the children cover will be logged and over the course of the year, children will virtually visit the whole of the UK.

Founder of Team Activ, Darren Padgett said: “Schools nationally are seeing an alarming rise in childhood obesity rates with over 20% of children entering primary school obese and over 30% leaving primary school obese.

“Trek Activ works to combat this issue and improve the health, fitness and well-being of schoolchildren through a fun, social experience.

“We hope that this will provide long term goals which are tangible for students to work towards over the course of the year, which will be beneficial academically, socially and physically,” said Darren.

“Not only do we hope to improve the social, mental and physical well-being of all children taking part but we also aim to educate pupils by using cross curricular links to other subjects such as science and geography.”

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