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UK SME readiness for the EU Medical Device Regulation

The EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is now law. The transition period will finish in just 9 months whereupon any CE marked medical device will need to conform to the requirements of the regulation or risk being removed from the market with immediate effect. Large multinationals have been preparing for this moment for a number…
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The four questions EVERYONE asks before exporting

For many small to medium sized businesses, the decision to start exporting their products or services internationally is a tricky one. Too often it feels clouded by questions of cost, feasibility and weighing up the probability of success. However, together with Medilink’s experienced international team- who specialise in the Life Sciences sector- you can create…
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Product development – Why market reports are essential.

Patrick Trotter PhD, MBA (Techmgmt) shares his thoughts on why medical innovation fails and how to de-risk your R&D projects A classic case of by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail One key question that all senior management teams should ask when it comes to product development in the medical/health sector is: “We…
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