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Press Engagement and Liaison

As a commercial healthcare and life-sciences communications agency with nearly 30 years’ experience in PR, we recognise the value in strengthening our already established relationships with industry, national and local media organisations to optimise your business opportunities. We are experienced in creating high quality press releases that celebrate your organisation’s achievements, from new innovations, ground-breaking research and announcements.

The value in effective press engagement through original and targeted press releases, dedicated follow ups, resulting in significant media coverage should not be overlooked. Engaging with healthcare specific media organisations and achieving valuable coverage has the potential to give your organisation the opportunity for instant exposure, the potential for increased sales and the chance to brand yourself as industry experts while increasing traffic to your website and social channels.

Press Engagement and Liaison

Medilink has a sought-after journalist database ranging from specific healthcare and life sciences related titles, national media and local publications which has been carefully curated after nearly 30 years’ in the industry.  Not only does our professional and experienced team liaise with these useful media contacts but they perform dedicated follow ups using a strategic plan to ensure your news gets the coverage it deserves. The long-term connections that we have built up with a wide range of trusted and respected journalists in the sector are vital to securing your organisation publicity, recognition and the potential for commercial growth.

It is not simply the value in engaging with the relevant press associated with your industry that helps healthcare organisations achieve further success but the opportunity to connect with influential companies in your sector. By raising your profile through notable press coverage, you enhance your public reputation and are more likely to attract the attention of other healthcare organisations with the potential for collaborations. Effective press engagement therefore has the potential to lead to new business collaborations and opportunities by raising awareness about your healthcare message.

Looking to raise awareness about your organisation’s announcements, research or new product? The Medilink commercial healthcare and life-sciences communications team are here to help, send us an email on connect@medilink.co.uk or give us a call on 0114 232 9292.