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The Yorkshire branches of an opticians have launched new contact lenses which will help sufferers of shortsightedness, also known as myopia.

The lenses can be worn overnight and aim to reshape the cornea itself to ensure day-long clear vision, while MiSight daily disposables could correct the existing condition and the peripheral de-focus.

Orto-K contact are available to buy from Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists - Headingley, Wakefield, Pontefract, University of Leeds and Camberley stores.

Myopia is a common eye health problem, in which the eye grows longer in shape, causing distance vision to become blurry. It often causes the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Alison Higgin, an optometrist from Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists in Harrogate, said: “Anything we can do to prevent further problems or diseases from occurring, or simply make life more comfortable for people living with myopia, is beneficial so we’re delighted to now be able to offer Ortho-K in five of our branches, and MiSight in all of our Yorkshire stores.”

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