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WorldFirst adding value to healthcare sector organisations

WorldFirst, one of Medilinks corporate partners, has been providing services to IPS Converters and helping particularly in areas such as international payments.

WorldFirst was founded in 2004 in a South London basement. The two founders had 10 years of banking experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to provide customers a real alternative to the big banks. Now at over 600 employees, WorldFirst has become a trusted partner of Medilink and is proud to share the success of services it can provide.

Sab Austin, Company Accountant at IPS Converters says: “WorldFirst were recommended to us by a trusted partner, Medilink Limited.

Setting up the currency platform was straightforward and quick. Once up and running, paying international suppliers has become reliable and efficient – we know once an instruction is issued the payment will be made as soon as our funds hit the WorldFirst account.

An extremely beneficial feature for us has been the ability to use various currency pairings – for example using Euros to pay USD invoices.

Using WorldFirst has added value in many ways including faster payments to our international suppliers, significantly better exchange rates than we previously had, leading to welcome cost savings and enhanced management of currency exchange risks, and the ability to discuss potential movements in exchange rates with our very knowledgeable account manager.

This positive experience and testimonial from IPS Converters show the benefits that working with WorldFirst can bring to your business. If you would like more information about WorldFirst or Medilink’s other corporate partners, contact connect@medilink.co.uk

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