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Running a business in light of the pandemic – an insight from Medilink member, Micramed

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainty for life sciences and healthcare businesses, which had to amend their working practices due to the introduction of safety measurements, including social distancing. How are they coping with this extraordinary situation? Rachael Benson, Director at Micramed, which is a Medilink member providing microbiology consultancy and training services to the medical device, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, shares her experience with us.

Due to social distancing, Micramed has abandoned any forms of face-to-face interaction and travelling in order to meet with clients. Instead, the company now uses virtual presentation and conferences, which are especially important for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The company has easily adapted to these working practices due to observing the development of the situation and anticipating possible restrictions regarding travelling.

Platforms, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, enable staff members to connect with each other and be on the same page thanks to the function of screen sharing, which is also helpful in working with clients. Video calls are particularly useful in making new contacts as they allow to see facial expressions and create a more friendly atmosphere in communication.

The use of technology has made it easier for Micramed to adapt to the new working conditions. As a result of the virtual transition, Micramed pays attention to cyber security more than before to protect the staff and clients. However, the company bears in mind that not all clients are familiar with the use of technology and provides them with support to make this transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Supporting staff members in these new ways of working is crucial in order to maintain the business consistency - Rachael regularly checks on her team to find out how they're coping with their work, as well as well-being.

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