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OPM launches eco-friendly packing solution

Leeds-based OPM Labels and Packaging, have responded to calls for more sustainable packaging solutions with the innovative thicker label closure (TLC), which reduces the use of plastic and packaging weight. The company with over 40 years’ experience in the industry specialises in flexible packaging and producing self-adhesive labels.

OPM’s latest innovation aims to replace rigid, weighty plastic moulded lids, while lowering transportation costs, storage space and C02 emissions throughout the supply chain. This packaging solution overcomes the drying-out problem wet wipes face as it provides a hermetic seal that retains moisture for the full life cycle of the pack.

The use of re-sealable labels has increased as consumers rely on the convenience of portable, easy-to-open and easy-to-close packaging. Used across Cosmetic, Personal Care, Baby, and Health to Household sectors, this re-sealable label retains product freshness, moisture and allows for endorsing a brand identity.

The TLC label enables clients to have more design flexibility and creative control by incorporating the full decorative print while retaining all security features. When printed both sides, the solution allows space for the option of a secondary advertising spot or to put additional information in the form of logos or recycling advice, which would be read by the customer with every opening.

OPM offers single layer, double layer and semi-rigid various adhesive combinations to enable repeated opening and closing of a product. Label dimensions, formats, functionality and materials are easily customised to suit individual customer’s specifications.

[in orange] To find out more about the company’s innovative packing solutions, please visit: www.opmgroup.co.uk.

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