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Medilink North of England’s corporate partner, World First, launch new pricing service to make global transfer payments cheaper

Medilink North of England’s corporate partner, World First, have launched their new pricing service which will cut fees and provide customers with rates of up to 85% cheaper than their competitors.

The international money converter specialists have committed to help organisations make global payments more simply and cheaply than their competitors, OFX and Paypal.

Organisations with an annual transfer volume of up to £500,000 will only be charged a margin of 0.5% - a significant amount less than the rate of 3.54% which HSBC would charge for the same amount. 

World First’s inspiration behind their new pricing structure was motivated by a belief in simple and transparent pricing – that businesses should know how their rates are calculated and how much they will be charged upfront.

The new standardised pricing structure features a fixed spread based on companies’ annual trading volume so they will always know what rate they will receive on every trade, ahead of time.

At Medilink North of England, this transparent pricing has previously saved us over 80% of our costs associated with foreign exchange and provided us the facility to hold locally registered (in market) currency accounts in the following: GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, AUD, SGD, NZD, HKD and CNH.

Thousands of businesses have already joined the money converter experts to help them move their payments around the world in a faster, easier and safer manner.

World First, who specialise in currency transfers and payments, developed this transparent pricing models to enable customers to save up to 85% of costs associated with mainstream competitors.

For more information on how these good-value for money rates combined with World First’s outstanding customer service could make a real difference to your business, please send an email to: medilink@worldfirst.com.

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