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Hill Dickinson, an international commercial law firm and Medilink corporate partner, has been an important partner of SmartMed, a British company providing digital solutions for better patient care, in negotiating the joint venture contract with a high-growth Malaysian technology company – N2W, which is a subsidiary of the state government agency, Johor Corporation (JCorp).

The collaboration will enable SmartMed to grow its presence in the digital health sector in Asia.

JCorp also owns KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJ), Malaysia's leading private healthcare services provider, which operates a network of 32 specialist hospitals in the country, with a further presence in Australia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

SmartMed and N2W will invest significant sums over the next three years to develop LifeMed, a remote health diagnostics and monitoring solutions enabling patients to better manage their medical conditions. The initiative also aims to help clinicians to monitor their patient’s on a full-time basis.

The team at Hill Dickinson, led by Jamie Foster, provided legal support on negotiation of the joint venture agreement, including corporate, commercial and IP advice, and liaison with local counsel. Jonathan Gillow, Partner, led on corporate issues and James Clayton, Senior Associate, provided key support on commercial issues.

Jamie Foster, Partner at Hill Dickinson, said: “Innovation in health technology lies primarily with small, innovative, start-up businesses that have the ability to see opportunities and adapt quickly as the market develops. SmartMed is a classic example of a business that has seized an opportunity despite the additional complexities of working with a partner based outside the UK.”

Simon Eyre, CEO of SmartMed, commented: “With the assistance and guidance from Hill Dickinson, we were able to overcome the complexities of international law and the hard work and common-sense of all parties involved finally paid off. This is now a major opportunity for SmartMed and it also shows UK continues to lead in innovation for digital health globally.”

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