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Medilink member, Elucid, launches smart pill bottle to monitor patient adherence

Elucid, a health technology company developing smart solutions to improve patient care, has come up with a new dispensing system which aims to improve and monitor patient adherence – Pill Connect.

The first clinical trial undertaken by a global contract research organisation (CRO) with healthy people has just been concluded, and showed that the device works successfully. 100% of the trial subjects found the Pill Connect bottle easy to use.

A patient has an app loaded onto their mobile phone, which contains the treatment regime. Pill Connect physically dispenses a pill when patients respond to a reminder, which is set up at a particular time. If the pill is not taken, the patient receives a phone call or text message reminding them to do so. The system also provides the doctor with comprehensive data on patient’s adherence pattern to monitor their treatment. To ensure safety and prevent double dosing, the bottle is locked outside the prescribed times.

James Burnstone, CEO of Elucid, said: “We are very pleased with the results of our first real-world trial, which show that we have an effective device which subjects find easy to use and beneficial. While a couple of technical glitches were found, which prevented the system achieving 100%, they have been easily resolved.”

Elucid is already in discussions with several top tier Pharmas, CROs, CMOs and the NHS, who are eager to find effective ways to monitor patient adherence.

To find out more about Elucid and its new device, please visit: www.elucid-mhealth.com

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