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Arquer Diagnostics becomes North East Fund’s 100th investment

Arquer Diagnostics, a Sunderland-based company focused on the development of non-invasive cancer diagnostics tests, has secured £1.8m, which will help in finishing its international clinical trial and commercialising its bladder cancer kit test kit across the globe.

The diagnostic kit is based on the detection of minichromosome maintenance proteins (MCM5) in the urine, which indicate the presence of bladder cancer. MCM proteins are known for being excellent cancer biomarkers as they are robustly expressed in dividing cells and those preparing to divide

Having already raised £1.4m, Arquer received £400,000 of funding from the North East Innovation Fund, which is managed by Northstar Ventures. 

Jason Hobbs, CEO of the North East Fund, said: “Reaching our 100th investment is a fantastic achievement and we will continue to support the region’s many SMEs to achieve their full potential and encourage business growth. We are delighted to be part of Arquer Diagnostics’ ongoing development and continued success.”

Alex Buchan, Investment Manager of Northstar Ventures “I am convinced that the adoption of ADXBLADDER in clinical routine will help urologists deliver a more accurate diagnosis which ultimately will result in more lives being saved. I look forward to the next indications which they are working on that promise equally clinically-relevant outcomes.”

Bladder cancer is the 10th most common cancer in the UK and can affect anyone, at any age. The portfolio developed by Arquer Diagnostics would revolutionise the treatment for this disease, allowing for a quicker detection and more effective treatment plan.

To find out more about Arquer Diagnostics, please visit: https://arquerdx.com/.

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