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Are you posting productively? – Using social media in the best way for your business.

One of the first things many people do to learn about an organisation, is to look up their social media. In addition to a company website, a twitter profile or LinkedIn page can tell you a lot about a business and the way it runs.

In an ever increasingly digital world, this becomes a key reason why many companies choose to set up a profile on multiple social media channels. There are more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook to reach their customer base and the number of B2B and B2C organisations using Twitter grows almost daily. Is it fair to say that having an online social presence is seen as a necessity?

I’ve heard people lament about maintaining their social media presence, claiming they don’t feel it adds to their business, is a waste of time, and they are just doing it because “that’s what you do”. The unfortunate truth is, is that many businesses do see their online presence as a box ticking exercise and aren’t aware of the benefits and opportunities that can be reaped from an active and engaging social media profile.

Planning helps project your social media activity

The best way to decide how best to use social media for your organisation’s advantage is to decide what you want to get out of it. Why have you set up a twitter profile? What is the purpose of your Facebook or LinkedIn page? Planning some key aims and objectives is the first step in helping project your content and activity in the right direction.

Are you looking to simply tell people about your business? You can very easily use Facebook and LinkedIn to keep interested parties up to date with company news and updates to your products and services. Utilising images and video to share your information with people who’ve chosen to follow your page, or find the profile when seeking to learn more about your company.

Or are you trying to engage with your customers in a new and different way? Both Facebook and Twitter have varied functions and uses to get feedback and interactions from your end users. You can use polls as a basic form of market research, ask for reviews and respond to questions as part of your customer service. Sharing engaging, meaningful content like new stories or personal client testimonials are a useful tool to help kick start a conversation with comments and shares.

Perhaps you’re striving to build a reputation in the healthcare industry and develop relationships with key stakeholders? By using Twitter and LinkedIn you and your sales teams can target other organisations and influencers. Posting photos, comments and updates from meetings, events and more is a great way to create interest in what your business is doing, and connect with the right people you need to in order to take the next step towards a sale.

Are you posting productively?

When you are posting to any platform, it is important to keep in mind whether it is productive for your business. Is it relevant to your company aims and values? Is it in keeping with what you want to achieve? For example, unless it is about the closure of your business, or tied in to the use of one of your products, posting about the weather is ill-advised. It is unoriginal, obvious and doesn’t gain anything for your business.

There are many businesses who are in need of help when it comes to planning their objective and aims for social media. If you are seeking assistance for your company’s digital and online communications, get in touch today with Medilink’s PR team.

Medilink’s commercial health sector PR agency can support you with every step of the process, from the initial set up of different channels, to the in-depth reporting of engagement and success. As a healthcare specific communications agency, with years of experience, our team can help you overcome challenges such as how often to post, the research needed to share relevant content, and the ongoing strategy to create a purposeful social media presence.

For more information or to have a no-obligation chat about how we can help with your digital communications, call 0114 232 9292 or email connect@medilink.co.uk today.

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Words by Michael Hudson, Senior PR Officer

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