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Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity and Analysis

Medilink’s opportunity analysis services are based around investigation and validation of a market opportunity for a new product, process or service in the health sector.

Our experts use their years of experience developing products for the health sector to help you navigate this phase of development by addressing gaps in knowledge and understanding of your chosen market. There are two main ways in which we do this:

  1. Market reports
  2. End User research

Market reports

Market reports help to address fundamental questions surrounding the viability of a new project. For more information, see Market Reports.

End user research: Unmet need identification and concept validation

Often, the most important way to validate the market opportunity for a project is to go directly to potential customers to gauge interest. Medilink utilises its connectivity to provide you with the insight you need to  both validate the need and the solution

Our bespoke market research projects include:

  • Ethnography to identify unmet needs or problems to be solved.  Ethnography is generally accepted as the most poweful innovation tool to create radical or transformational product opportunites.
  • 1:1 interviews to create unbiased opinion and /or validation
  • Focus groups to
    • identify problems and unmet needs
    • To validate concepts and to help refine and enrich product specfications, enabling the technical team to focus on the most important user needs and to build in features providing competitive advantage
  • Questionnaires to engage with larger number of users
  • Identification of potential partners and customers


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