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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Product development – Why market reports are essential.

Patrick Trotter PhD, MBA (Techmgmt) shares his thoughts on why medical innovation fails and how to de-risk your R&D projects A classic case of by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail One key question that all senior management teams should ask when it comes to product development in the medical/health sector is: “We…
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Mayday, Mayday! Regulatory compliance doesn’t have to be an emergency!

Here at Medilink North of England, we are often asked by our clients: ”What’s the biggest cause of delay and failure when obtaining regulatory approvals for a new medical device in Europe? Is it issues with technical documentation, perhaps? Device labelling and IFU? Post Market Surveillance?” The answer is having the right clinical evidence in…
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Medilink NOE membership price freeze

With organisations and businesses showing uncertainty surrounding Brexit and other economical issues, Medilink North of England are offering support to their members by freezing membership prices until 2020. Medilink North of England want to assure their members that throughout tumultuous times, the professional association and specialist consultancy offer stability to the various organisations that make…
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